Cesion Software

A company of high schoolers dedicated to providing software solutions for the thrifty.

About Us

We believe in flexibility, mobility, and taking initiative—elements that are emboldened in our background as high school students.

We provide a diverse selection of software solutions: website building, app construction, and contract coding jobs. Basically, if you need something coded, contact us!

Our Values

MISSION: Providing great software services to small businesses while also creating our own world-changing projects.

VISION: To create an organization where vision becomes reality through collaboration, a continuous learning environment, and insight from the community.

Our Background

Being based in San Jose, California, we have a natural drive for entrepreneurship. When we're not at school or spending time with friends and family, we delve into programming and other areas of interest, bettering our understanding of the world around us.

What we do

See the variety of services we offer to small businesses

Website Building

Building beautiful websites at a good price.

App Construction

We build apps to increase the accessibility of your business.

Contract Coding

We love scripting, cleaning up a codebase, and debugging.


If you need to be trained in Java, Python, or C++, just ask us!

Software Product Development

Want to get your software idea out into the market? Let us help you!

Great Customer Service

Constant contact with you to provide great customer service.

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